Considered by some art critics and enthusiasts to be among, if not the, greatest painter(s) of all time, Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675), is a legendary painter of Dutch origin. Now, the Rijksmuseum is hosting the biggest Vermeer exhibition of all time! Right here in Amsterdam.

Featuring at least a staggering 23 paintings by the Delft painter, this is an exceedingly rare opportunity that must be experienced by anyone visiting Amsterdam this year.

The Rijksmuseum is easily accessible with public transport from our luggage storage location Drop & Go, near Central Station. Drop off your heavy luggage with us and go experience this rare treat of exquisite Dutch art!

How to get there?

From Drop & Go, you can take Metro 52 direction Zuid and get out at stop Vijzelgracht, from there it is a 5-6 minute walk to Rijksmuseum.

Who was Johannes Vermeer?

Known for painting relatable, everyday scenes and scapes, Vermeer puts a whole new perspective on these scenes with beautiful use of colour and light, achieved by his extreme eye for perfection and meticulous creative ethic.

Hailing from the Dutch city Delft, Vermeer was sadly not recognized as the legend he is now while he was still alive. It took nearly 200 years before his work received any major recognition, after a French critic named Théophile Thoré-Bürger (1807-1869) wrote a monograph praising Vermeer, he was unhappy with the lack of everyday, present themes presented in art at the time. Most art back then had mythological, or religious themes.

Vermeer left a relatively small body of work behind. 35 paintings have been attributed to Vermeers name, compared to the larger oeuvre of Rembrandt, which nears 300 paintings; though it is estimated there are more Vermeer works in existence, waiting to be discovered.

De Nieuwe Vermeer

The exposition is extremely popular, with nearly all tickets being sold out already. The Dutch television station MAX released a TV-show to go along with the hype of the exposition called ‘De Nieuwe Vermeer’, where attendees try to recreate lost Vemeer works in creative ways, with 5000 dices, bronze or gold, or pencils. The show is hosted by famous TV-personality Dionne Stax.

Sold out

As of writing this article the exposition has sadly sold out, but tickets might still be available on reseller marketplaces such as Ticketswap, although they are in very high demand, so you have to be very quick to make a purchase when a ticket becomes listed for sale.