King’s Day in Amsterdam

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Insider tips for King’s Day (Koningsdag) in Amsterdam

As the Netherlands paints their towns orange in honor of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday on April 27th, during King’s Day (or Koningsdag as we call it), Amsterdam bursts into a colorful whirlwind of festive excitement.

We as locals love it! And we are happy to share some insider tips to ensure you make the most of this unforgettable day.
See you there!

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king's day tips from locals

1. Dress to impress (in orange, of course!)

Join the sea of orange-clad locals and visitors alike by donning your finest orange attire. Whether it’s a flashy orange boa, a whimsical crown, or a classic Dutch soccer jersey, wearing orange is not just a tradition but a rite of passage for Kingsday.

2. Hit the streets early

Rise and shine, for the early bird catches the best bargains at the sprawling street markets. From vintage treasures to quirky souvenirs, Kingsday markets offer a treasure trove of goodies waiting to be discovered. Head to popular spots like Vondelpark or Jordaan, or simply follow the lively crowds to stumble upon hidden gems.

3. Embrace the Canal Parade

Hop aboard a boat or find a prime spot along the canal banks to witness the spectacular Canal Parade. Decked out in elaborate decorations and pulsating with music, the flotilla of boats transforms Amsterdam’s iconic waterways into a mesmerizing spectacle of color and joy.

Where can I store my bags during Kingsday?

Celebrate Kingsday with Drop&Go, your go-to solution for stress-free festivities! Our reliable luggage storage service is designed to provide Kingsday revelers with a worry-free experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the celebrations without the burden of lugging your bags around. Count on us to have your back!

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We’re at your service every day from 9 AM to 9 PM (easy to remember), conveniently located across from Amsterdam Central Station. Make your Kingsday memorable and hassle-free with Drop&Go!

4. Savor Dutch Delicacies

Indulge your taste buds in quintessential Dutch treats as you stroll through the bustling streets. From stroopwafels and poffertjes to herring sandwiches and bitterballen, King’s Day offers a smorgasbord of culinary delights to satisfy every palate. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a refreshing pint of local beer or a traditional orange bitter.

5. Join the Street Parties

Follow the infectious beats of live music with a can of Heineken beer in your hand and join the street parties that spring up across the city. From spontaneous DJ sets to live performances by local bands, Amsterdam beats with energy as celebrants dance the day away beneath the spring sunshine.

6. Navigate with care

With throngs of people flooding the streets, navigating Amsterdam on Kingsday can be a bit of a maze. Be prepared for road closures and public transport disruptions, and consider exploring the city on foot or by bike to soak in the festive atmosphere up close.

7. Immerse yourself in Dutch Culture

Beyond the festivities, take the opportunity to delve into Dutch culture and traditions. Visit museums and historical sites, mingle with locals at traditional folk performances, or simply strike up a conversation with friendly Amsterdammers to gain insight into life in the Netherlands.
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How does Drop&Go work at King’s Day?

Using Drop&Go’s luggage storage service during King’s Day in Amsterdam is simple:

Drop Off Your Bags: Visit our DropandGo location near Central Station and drop off your bags.

Enjoy King’s Day: With your bags safely stored, you can dip yourself in the outdoor activities, parties, and other celebrations.

Retrieve Your Bags: When you’re ready to retrieve your belongings, present your ticket or code at the Drop&Go location, and your bags will be returned to you, intact and secure.

Don’t let the question of bag storage dampen your King’s Day experience. 


When is King's Day held in 2024?

King’s Day or Koningsdag is celebrated on Saturday the 27th of April in 2024. King’s night is celebrated on Friday the 26th.

How do I get around Amsterdam during King's Day?

For navigating to Amsterdam during King’s Day festivities, the most convenient option is to opt for the train, though be prepared for crowded carriages throughout the day!

Public transportation routes within the center of the city undergo adjustments on King’s Day, with buses and trams only operating up to the outskirts of the city center. Note that metro stations at Nieuwmarkt and RAI will be closed.

Regarding car travel, parking, and taxis, cars can move freely around the city on the day preceding King’s Day, but traffic in the city center is severely restricted on the day itself, with complete closure to cars from 07:30 onwards.

Given the car restrictions on King’s Day, the recommended choice is to leave your car at a designated park and ride location. Keep in mind that the P+R RAI location will be closed on King’s Day. If you do decide to drive into the city, watch for restricted parking areas indicated by yellow signs.

Most standard taxi stands in the city center are inactive on King’s Day.

In conclusion, when traversing the city center during King’s Day, consider either walking and immersing yourself in the festivities or taking the subway, keeping in mind the potential crowds.

What is the bag policy at King's Day?

It all depends on which activities you are set out to do. Outdoor activities, such as the flee markets, can be enjoyed with your bags, but indoor parties can be restricive.

Enjoy King’s Day without luggage. We are happy to take it out of your hands.